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Insights Column 04.25.2011

The California Health Benefits Exchange is Born!

This blog was originally written and posted by California Health Access. The California Health Benefits Exchange Board held its first meeting today in Sacramento. The Board, staff, and nearly 100 stakeholders in the audience were…

Insights Column 04.19.2011

A gift to you this tax day

It’s that dreaded time of year that only those of us who are guaranteed a big return are excited for: Yesterday was tax day. But please bear with us for a moment, because this…

Insights Column 04.15.2011

Skip the Appeals Process??

Just a few moments after President Obama signed the Affordable Care Act into law, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed suit in federal court in an effort to repeal the vital consumer protections that…

Insights Column 04.13.2011

Health insurance: Even tough for CEOs to get

The truth really is stranger than fiction: Even the CEO of one of the most powerful health insurance companies would have issues finding health insurance in the individual market. In an interview with Kaiser Health…

Insights Column 03.31.2011

Health Coverage Still Tough To Get For Individuals

A recent report released by Commonwealth Fund, a health care advocacy group, found that nearly three-quarters of Americans who tried to buy insurance on the individual market in the last three years faced obstacles that…

Insights Column 03.28.2011

The crab and his mother

Aesop tells us an interesting story called “The Crab and His Mother.”  The fable goes: A crab said to her son, "Why do you walk so one-sided, my child? It is far more becoming…

Insights Column 03.24.2011

Battling back against rate hikes

Carrie Fitzgerald, an advocate for children and families in Iowa, was frustrated by health insurance premiums continually increasing for Iowans in the individual market. Wellmark Blue Cross and Blue Shield dominates 80 percent of…

Insights Column 03.23.2011

Patients will no longer pay more, then get less

      Dr. Valerie Arkoosh, President of the National Physician's Alliance, was sick and tired of seeing more and more of her patients paying more for insurance and getting less in return. She calls the…