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People First Care

Every person in the United States should have high-quality, affordable health care that prevents illness, allows them to see a doctor when needed and helps to keep their families healthy. But health care costs have created an affordability crisis for families, workers and consumers, including crippling their ability to earn a living wage and impeding their employers’ ability to provide benefits. Nearly half of all Americans have reported having to forgo medical care due to the cost, and a third have indicated that the cost of medical care interferes with their ability to secure basic needs like food and housing.

People First Care is Families USA’s new initiative for transforming health care payment and delivery so that the system focuses on getting and keeping people healthy. It is centered on advocating for major reforms to ensure doctors are paid for keeping their patients healthy long-term, not for performing a series of unnecessary procedures.

Resources, including a series of papers addressing equity, hospitals, payment reform, system transformation and other topics, will be released and posted here over the next few months. To learn more, please see the links below.



Paper 1: Our Healthcare System Has Lost Its Way

Paper 2: Bleeding Americans Dry

Paper 3: When What Is Right is Also Popular

Paper 4: Do the Right Thing


 Paper 5: Working Toward True Health Care Payment Reform To Ensure Our Health Care System Serves Families And Patients