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Policy Experts

Families USA employs some of the most knowledgeable and experienced policy experts in the health care space.They provide commentary and analysis on a variety of the most pressing issues facing consumers and families, such as expensive prescription drug prices, rising health care costs, access to care and equity. Our experts are sought after for interviews in the national media, testimonies on Capitol Hill and presentations at conferences.

  • Robert Berenson

    Visiting Scholar & Senior Advisor for Value Initiatives

    Area(s): Health Care Value

  • Melissa Burroughs

    Associate Director, Strategic Partnerships

    Area(s): Oral Health

  • Cheryl Fish-Parcham

    Director, Access Initiatives

    Area(s): Medicaid, Oral Health, Coverage

  • Alicia Camaliche

    Policy Analyst

    Area(s):Payment and Delivery Reform, Health Equity, Maternal and Child Health

  • Garrett Hall

    Senior Policy Analyst

    Area(s): Medicaid

  • Frederick Isasi

    Executive Director

    Area(s):Coverage Innovation, Health Care Value

  • Arielle Kane

    Director, Medicaid Initiatives


  • Hazel Law

    Health Policy Coordinator

    Area(s):Health Care Value

  • Staci Lofton

    Senior Director, Health Equity

    Area(s):Health Equity

  • Aaron Plotke

    Senior Policy Analyst

    Area(s): Medicaid, Prescription Drugs, Health Equity

  • Lisa Shapiro

    Senior Advisor for Strategy and Children's Policy

    Area(s): Health Equity, Children

  • Jen Taylor

    Senior Director of Federal Relations

    Area(s):Health Care Value

  • Ben Anderson

    Director, Maternal and Child Health

    Area(s):Maternal and Child Health

  • Sophia Tripoli

    Director, Health Care Innovation

    Area(s): Health Care Value, Medicaid, Payment/Delivery System Reforms