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Insights Column 11.30.2011

The Struggles of Living without Health Insurance

Health insurance is simply out of reach for many Americans. While many jobs offer it, many don’t. Without an offer of coverage from their employer, workers have to navigate the individual market on their…

Insights Column 11.22.2011

Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Rate Increases

This blog was written by Steve Larsen and originally appeared on The health care law gives us new tools to protect consumers who are looking for health insurance in the private market.  One of…

Insights Column 11.22.2011

Paid sick days

It’s that time of year—flu season is in full swing. And when we get sick, we know that it is important to stay home from work to speed our recovery and prevent spreading our…

Insights Column 11.18.2011

Celebrate National Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month—a time to recognize and celebrate caregivers for their important role in our lives.  There are professional caregivers,  but there are also about 52 million unpaid caregivers—spouses, mothers, fathers, sons,…

Insights Column 11.16.2011

Speak up at a listening session on health insurance coverage!

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is holding 10 regional listening sessions throughout the country about what benefits health plans should be required to cover as part of an “essential benefits…

Insights Column 11.03.2011

American households $1,571 better off thanks to reform

Many American families are struggling during this economic downturn. But even before the recession hit, families were having a hard time keeping up with increasing health care costs. Over the past two decades, premiums…

Fact Sheet 11.01.2011

Talking Turkey

The Affordable Care Act will help people of all ages. Among the many benefits, Americans will have access to affordable, more comprehensive health insurance; peace of mind knowing they can’t be denied coverage due…

Insights Column 10.31.2011

How drinking water can decrease tooth decay

    When people hear the words “health care” they often think of doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs. But what many people don’t realize is that the health of your teeth and mouth are just as important…