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Fact Sheet 11.01.2011

Talking Turkey

The Affordable Care Act will help people of all ages. Among the many benefits, Americans will have access to affordable, more comprehensive health insurance; peace of mind knowing they can’t be denied coverage due…

Insights Column 10.31.2011

How drinking water can decrease tooth decay

    When people hear the words “health care” they often think of doctors, hospitals, and prescription drugs. But what many people don’t realize is that the health of your teeth and mouth are just as important…

Insights Column 10.27.2011

Blue Shield refunds millions to customers

In a time when sky-high insurance premiums are the norm, Blue Shield customers have received some good news. The California-based nonprofit health insurer announced last Thursday that it will return $295 million to its…

Insights Column 10.25.2011

“The company my husband worked for was closing”

This past August, my husband, Don, brought home bad news—the company he worked for was closing. We would have to rethink our plans for health care coverage. We had a similar conversation last year…

Insights Column 10.18.2011

Setting the Record Straight: Privacy and Risk Adjustment

The creation of a risk adjustment program is a vital part of the Affordable Care Act. It lessens the incentive for insurance companies to enroll only healthy people by helping insurers cover the costs…

Insights Column 10.17.2011

Insurers trying to keep secrets from consumers

One of the key aspects of the Affordable Care Act is holding insurance companies more accountable. For far too long, insurers have jacked up the cost of premiums while not having to explain to the…

Insights Column 10.07.2011

Health reform helps cancer patients and survivors

Cancer is a devastating disease that affects millions of Americans. Receiving a diagnosis of cancer is scary for everyone involved. On top of the emotional impact, the cost of screenings, medication, and treatment take…

Insights Column 10.03.2011

Why a cancer survivor is going without medication

Sandy Kintz of Westport, New York, is a lung cancer survivor, but her daily life is anything but carefree. The former nurse has to use two inhalers and is unable to walk more than…