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Insights Column 02.09.2012

Playing Politics with Women’s Health

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, come August 1, 2012,many insurance plans will be required to cover contraception as part of women's preventive care - meaning no more co-pays or deductibles. This is welcome news to…

Insights Column 02.07.2012

One Family’s Struggle Against Leukemia and Medical Bills

Amid the many tragic stories of Americans struggling with health care costs, one Alabama family's situation exemplifies the undeniable need for health reform. The Richmond family has a 13-year-old daughter who is battling leukemia at USA…

Fact Sheet 02.01.2012

Emphasizing Preventive Care and Wellness in Medicare

Medicare now provides more preventive and wellness care benefits, thanks to the Affordable Care Act. These benefits mark a milestone in Medicare's efforts to keep beneficiaries healthy, rather than just paying for treatment when…

Insights Column 01.13.2012

What Will it Take To End Cervical Cancer?

¡Basta ya! Changing the Frame from Sex and Stigma to Health and Safety Written with Lydia Mitts No woman should die from cervical cancer. Medical science has finally given us the tools to prevent…

Report 01.01.2012

Implementing Accountable Care Organizations

Accountable Care Organizations are groups of health care providers that agree to be held accountable for improving patient health while lowering health care costs. Providers in ACOs have financial incentives for achieving these goals,…