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Insights Column 10.06.2017

Another Hidden ACA Attack in Congress

This blog post originally appeared in The Hill. After a decade of fruitlessly besieging the city of Troy, the Greeks seemed to sail away for home, leaving behind a gift. “What lovely sculpture,” exclaimed the…

Insights Column 10.12.2017

President Trump’s Executive Order Another Act of ACA Sabotage

President Trump’s Executive Order accomplishes nothing on its own. However, it asks HHS and the Department of Labor to take the Trump Administration’s ACA sabotage campaign to new heights. With less than three weeks…

Insights Column 10.13.2017

Ending Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Will Wreak Havoc on Families

Yesterday, President Trump and Acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan announced the “immediate” end of payments to fund cost-sharing reductions (CSRs). Coming three weeks before open enrollment, this is the most malicious and harmful attack…

Insights Column 10.25.2017

What’s in the Alexander-Murray Stabilization Package?

Last week, Republican Sen. Lamar Alexander and Democrat Sen. Patty Murray introduced new legislation that represents a constructive, bipartisan step toward strengthening health care. The bill is a bipartisan package of so-called “stabilization" measures to support…

Insights Column 10.31.2017

The House CHIP Bill Includes Harmful, Partisan Funding Mechanisms

UPDATE 11/3: The House of Representatives passed the CHIP bill. While Democrats and Republicans agree that funding for the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) should be extended for five years, the House Republicans recently released a partisan…

Insights Column 11.14.2017

Tell the Senate to Pass a 5-Year CHIP Bill Now

Earlier this month, the House of Representatives passed its bill to extend funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), a vitally important program that provides health insurance to 9 million children nationwide. Now the Senate…

Insights Column 11.15.2017

The Tax Bill’s Sneak Attack on Health Care for Millions

The latest version of the partisan tax bill that Republican leadership is working to rush through Congress presents new dangers to health care and health insurance for millions of families in America. To finance…