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Insights Column 08.16.2017

Congressional Budget Office Shows the Impact of Trump’s CSR Sabotage

For months, President Trump has been threatening to cancel so-called called “cost-sharing reduction” payments, or CSRs. This is apparently part of his brazen strategy to “implode” health insurance marketplaces and force Democrats to negotiate about the Affordable Care Act’s…

Insights Column 08.31.2017

Welcome Back Congress with a Request to Protect Our Care

When Congress returns to D.C. from August recess, they will dive right into work that presents both opportunities and threats for health care. As a result, September will be a good time for health…

Insights Column 09.05.2017

Health Care-Packed Week for Congress

Congress is back from summer vacation and has little time to waste on a packed September agenda. Legislative items on its plate this month include: passing a government funding bill and disaster relief; extending funding for…

Insights Column 09.11.2017

Congress Must Pass CHIP Funding Soon

Time is running out for Congress to pass legislation that should be easy: extending funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). If Congress doesn’t act to extend CHIP funding, health coverage for 9…