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Insights Column 02.06.2017

Repeal and Replace Could Reverse Progress on Oral Health

Former U.S. surgeon generals refer to oral disease as a “silent epidemic” affecting some of our most vulnerable citizens. People who lack coverage for oral health care are likely to forego preventive care, get…

Insights Column 05.26.2017

Oral Health Lands on Advocates’ Agendas Across the Nation

Even as health care has become a politically charged issue this year, we’ve seen oral health advocates work diligently and some states make progress to improve oral health benefits in their Medicaid programs. This…

Insights Column 06.27.2017

Medicaid Cuts Limit Access to Oral Health Care

Congressional proposals to cut and cap Medicaid will put enormous pressure on states to cut services – and will make it nearly impossible for states that now have gaps in their coverage to ever…