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Insights Column 06.29.2011

6th Circuit Court rules Affordable Care Act is constitutional

The 6th Circuit Court of the United States ruled today that the individual responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. In their decision, the court writes “We find that the minimum coverage provision…

Insights Column 06.22.2011

A health care heist

Over the past few years, we’ve told you some truly bizarre stories about what people do in search of affordable health care. One woman got married to a man she barely knew to get…

Insights Column 06.15.2011

My 15 Year Old Patient Died Because His Dad Was Unemployed

This blog was written by Dr. Zaneb Beams and originally posted on Doctor's for America's blog. It’s different when you lose a patient in private practice. In the ICU, you expect to lose patients. They…

Insights Column 06.03.2011

Insurance leaves cancer patients to fend for themselves

When people talk about how expensive health care is, they are often talking about how expensive it is for people who don’t have insurance. The thinking goes that if a person has insurance, they…

Insights Column 06.02.2011

More primary doctors, fewer ER visits

They say an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But what are primary care doctors worth? According to a new study, communities with a higher concentration of primary care doctors see…

Fact Sheet 06.01.2011

Why We Need a Health Insurance Exchange

The Affordable Care Act calls for the creation of a competitive health insurance marketplace, called an "exchange," in every state by 2014. Consumers will greatly benefit from these exchanges. This fact sheet explains how…

Insights Column 05.27.2011

Green Mountain Care

Exciting things are happening in Vermont! Yesterday, Governor Peter Shumlin signed a bill into law that establishes Green Mountain Care and makes Vermont the only state on a path towards universal coverage for all…

Insights Column 05.26.2011

Taking a Chance on Health Care

Can you imagine if your ability to get health care was based on whether or not someone pulled your name out of a hat? For many uninsured people, that nightmare is a reality. Virginia's…

Insights Column 05.24.2011

Thanks to health reform, more Americans are now covered

As of September 23, 2010, no child can be denied health insurance because of a pre-existing condition and parents with sick children across the United States breathe a huge sigh of relief. But what…