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Advocacy Guide 03.11.2019

State Models for Addressing High and Rising Drug Prices

This guide outlines model policies for states to consider to rein in drug prices in 2019 and beyond. Those discussed first most directly target drug prices and therefore are likely to have the greatest impact.…

Telebriefing 10.18.2018

Media Telebriefing: Health Problems of Working Class Women

The new Families USA report A Case for Solidarity: Common Challenges Involving Health and Health Care in the United States reveals that, among both whites and people of color, in rural and urban areas alike, working-class…

Video 09.20.2018

What’s at Stake for Health Care in the 2018 Elections

he 2018 elections will be critical in determining whether health care options are available for families and adults for years to come. With Medicaid expansion ballot initiatives, governors' races, and elections with party control…

Telebriefing 09.01.2018

Media Telebriefing: What’s at Stake for Medicaid in 2018 Elections

Washington, D.C.—On Tuesday, September 18, Families USA held a press telebriefing to discuss what’s at stake for Medicaid in the upcoming November elections. The call included leaders of Medicaid expansion ballot initiatives and a review…