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Insights Column 09.11.2012

Doctors for America

We all need a good wake up and shake up once in a while, maybe often—both personally and professionally. We need something to come along and give our smug complacency a good rattle. Recently,…

Insights Column 09.06.2012

Health Care Voices From The Front Lines

Yesterday morning, Families USA and SEIU hosted a health care forum at the NASCAR Hall of Fame in Charlotte. Leading health care visionaries and activists gathered to celebrate the historic victory of the Affordable…

Insights Column 09.06.2012

Sister Simone

As the second night of the Democratic National Convention got under way, women once again played a major role. From Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), to Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Elizabeth Warren, it’s clear…

Insights Column 09.05.2012

Health Care Tribute at the DNC

Since the Democrats kicked off their party convention, everyone has been talking about health care. From the House Democratic Women’s Caucus promoting the protections that Affordable Care Act has afforded women, to Michelle Obama…

Insights Column 09.04.2012

CaronlinaFest and the DNC full of support for Obamacare!

We’re barely through the second day of the Democratic National Convention, and I can say with confidence that support for Obamacare (Affordable Care Act) is through the roof! The convention started yesterday with CarolinaFest, a…

Insights Column 09.04.2012

Dems Platform Promises to Protect and Improve Health Care

With all the rhetoric being thrown around about health care, the importance of the reforms we’ve made and the need to protect those reforms and move forward can be easily forgotten. With the release…

Video 09.01.2012

Consumer Story: Regina from Washington, DC

More than 50 million Americans go without health insurance because they can’t afford the high monthly premiums. This video tells the story of Regina, who lost her husband to stage-four kidney cancer because her…

Report 09.01.2012

Brokers and Agents and Health Insurance Exchanges

Health insurance brokers and agents can play an important role in health insurance marketplaces by helping consumers shop for and enroll in health coverage. But brokers and agents may not always act in the…

Insights Column 08.22.2012

Obamacare: Helping Millenials Live Long, Healthy Lives

If you follow the news, you may have seen reports that young people are not the healthiest. In fact, there is an ugly prediction for our future: Life expectancy for my generation is expected…

Insights Column 08.20.2012

The Affordable Care Act helps us be Más Poderosas!

Last summer I learned a valuable lesson about what is at stake when women do not have power over their own health.  I was interning at a maternal and child health nonprofit in southeastern…