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Health Action 2020 Agenda

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Families USA brings together community leaders from across the nation each year to improve the lives of America’s families. Join us for the 25th annual Health Action Conference on January 23-25, in Washington, D.C. at the Hyatt Regency Washington on Capitol Hill. Register today!

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Registration (Regency Wall)


Welcome Reception (Regency BCD)

Thursday, January 23, 2020


Registration (Regency Foyer)


Continental Breakfast (Hall of Battles)


Health Action 2020 Opening Remarks (Regency Ballroom)


Our Nation’s Health in the Balance (Regency Ballroom)

Description: In an election year where our hard-won gains for America’s families are at risk, the U.S. healthcare system remains fragile. Consumers and health care advocates will discuss the peril and what we must do to win—in 2020 and beyond. 




Workshops / Session 1

Skills Building

#Healthcare - Using Social Media to Advocate for Social Change

Description: Designing impactful digital campaigns across various platforms

Coverage Campaigns and Advocacy

Envisioning Universal Health Care

Description: Everyone wants it, how do we get it? And how do we make it truly universal so that coverage leaves no gaps? Join this interactive discussion to talk the tough questions and work towards a unified vision.

Children's Health Health Equity

Increasing Family Resilience for Better Health: Mitigating the Impact of ACES and Racism

Description: As attacks on the wellbeing of communities of color escalate, evidence on the long-term impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), toxic stress, and racism mounts. Health care systems must be part of resilience-based mitigation strategies so all children can thrive.

Health Equity Campaigns and Advocacy

Making Partners of Industry and Government to Address Health Equity

Description: Achieving health equity-centered system transformation requires advocates to engage with diverse stakeholders that might not understand or prioritize what it takes to succeed. Learn directly from industry and government stakeholders on how to partner with them.

Medicare Oral Health

Modernizing Medicare to Close its Gaps

Description: Medicare is a great program but has many gaps: it doesn’t cover oral health, vision, hearing, or most long-term care and its provider payment polices are outdated. We’ll explore the gaps and advocacy strategies for this election year.

Health System Transformation Campaigns and Advocacy Coverage

New Issues for Surprise Billing Fights

Description: Many states have surprise bill laws, but critical situations are still left unprotected, and not all states have acted. What’s the next frontier for surprise bill protections, and how do we create effective advocacy campaigns to ensure their enactment?

Enrollment Health System Transformation

Outreach and Enrollment Will Always Be Mission Critical

Description: The critical need for outreach and enrollment remains constant in our changing health care landscape. As the numbers of uninsured continue to increase, it’s clear that navigation is key for reaching people with the right messages at the right time.

Medicaid Children's Health Coverage

Pushing Back on Churn in Medicaid and CHIP

Description: The number of Medicaid and CHIP enrollees has dropped significantly since 2018. We will discuss state and national policies that cause children and families to lose coverage, and how advocates and policymakers can help them stay enrolled.


Network Luncheon (Regency Ballroom)


Workshops / Session 2

Children's Health Coverage

Covering All Kids

Description: The number of uninsured children rose from 2016-2018 for the first time in a generation. Hear about innovative state strategies to combat “weaponized paperwork” and reach universal coverage for children.

Prescription Drugs

Enough Already: Time for Bold Action on Drug Prices

Description: Reining in excessive drug prices remains a top priority for consumers. Come learn how to make sure it remains a top priority for Congressional action and what we can expect in 2020 and beyond.

Skills Building

Foundation Perspectives About Health Philanthropy in 2020

Description: Join a discussion with senior leaders from several foundations regarding developing trends in health philanthropy, and how foundations are responding to such issues as health equity, raising the consumer voice in health policy debates, and advancing an early childhood agenda.

Skills Building

Get Organized to Win!

Description: Every advocate knows that mobilizing real people is essential to winning longstanding policy battles. This workshop will introduce you to the theory and tools needed to build and organize a movement.

Health System Transformation

Health Care Value: 2020 Issue Hidden in Plain Sight

Description: For too long, the U.S. health care system has failed to provide affordable, high quality health care for America’s families. It’s time to take action. Learn about the growing movement to uproot the fundamental distortions in the health care system.

Health Equity Health System Transformation

The Difference between Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Achieving Health Equity

Description: Decision makers seek delivery and payment reforms to improve outcomes and control costs by addressing SDoHs and racial inequities. We will discuss the connection between SDoHs and racial inequities, and how evidence from PCORI-funded research supports specific policy solutions.

Skills Building

You Can’t Measure What You Don’t Plan: Mapping out Your Strategic Communications Journey

Description: Crafting a comprehensive integrated communications plan.


Refreshment Break (Regency Foyer)


Achieving Maternal Health Equity: Let’s Advance Solutions that Serve a Changing Nation (Regency Ballroom)

Description: “Giving Birth in America,” a short documentary from Every Mother Counts, will highlight the alarming rates of maternal mortality and morbidity in the U.S. Maternal equity leaders will then discuss how different communities are affected and promising solutions. 


Network Reception: We Are Family: Community Catalyst and Families USA (Columbia ABC and Columbia Foyer)

Friday, January 24, 2020


Registration (Regency Foyer) 


Continental Breakfast (Hall of Battles) 


Outreach and Enrollment Networking Breakfast with Transform Health and Young Invincibles

Description: Welcome Navigators, CAC’s, CHWs, PCAs, and enrollment advocates! Join our networking breakfast to discuss federal enrollment policy updates and advocacy efforts.


The Next Frontier for Health Care Advocacy: The Cost and Quality Imperative (Regency Ballroom)

Description: For too long, the cost and quality of health care has caused an affliction on the American dream. From prescription drug costs to surprise medical bills to health care industry consolidation, the status quo is unsustainable. Bold action is needed.




Workshops / Session 3

Campaigns and Advocacy Skills Building

A View from the Hill (Closed to Press)

Description: Senior-level Congressional staff will reflect on the health policy debates of 2019 and share their insights on opportunities and challenges in advancing health care policy in 2020.

Skills Building

Do-It-Yourself Factoid Discovery

Description: Need that specific fact to persuade the public or policy makers? Learn about new tools letting anyone who knows Excel extract state-level numbers from national survey data like a pro. Bring your laptop or tablet to this hands-on session!

Health Equity Coverage

Innovative, Resilience-Based Solutions to Improve Health Among American Indians and Alaska Natives (AI/ANs)

Description: Although the federal government is treaty-bound to provide health care to AI/ANs, access and quality issues persist and health inequities keep growing. Learn more about the AI/AN health care landscape and how these communities are taking back their health.

Health System Transformation Health Equity

Making Mind and Body Care a Reality

Description: States and providers have experimented with co-locating physical and behavioral health, improving referral patterns, altering payment systems, and adding care coordinators and peer coaches to their teams. What are the lessons learned for patients who need varied kinds of care?

Medicaid Enrollment

Medicaid Unlocked: Innovative Approaches to Transition Justice-Involved Individuals into Medicaid

Description: Millions gained access to Medicaid because of the ACA, including previously incarcerated individuals. While Medicaid can’t pay for most inmate care, Medicaid coverage can begin post-release. Learn from states and providers about innovative approaches for transitions from prison or jail.

Children's Health

Opportunities to Improve Whole Child Health by Connecting the Systems that Serve Them

Description: This workshop will provide an overview of the systems that serve children, including health, early childhood, child welfare, and explore opportunities at the federal and state levels to create a prevention continuum that supports young children and families across systems.

Skills Building

We’ve got a Story to Tell

Description: Empowering consumers to share their health care stories with the media, elected officials, advocates, and partners.


Consumer Health Advocate of the Year Awards Luncheon (Regency Ballroom)




Workshops / Session 4

Coverage Health Equity

Attacks on Immigrants’ Health Care: Fighting Back

Description: Federal policies are restricting health care access and otherwise harming immigrant families. Meanwhile, some states are expanding immigrant health care options. Discuss issues in immigration and health and how health advocates can be allies in the broader immigration fight.

Health Equity Health System Transformation Oral Health

Dive Into the Weeds: Policy Solutions to Improve Maternal Health

Description: This workshop will get into the weeds of what’s working to reverse the trend of preventable maternal mortality and morbidity in the U.S., particularly in communities of color. Experts will identify specific state and federal policy changes to advocate for.

Skills Building

Don’t Strike Out When Pitching to Reporters

Description: Creating effective phone and email pitches to reporters.

Health Equity

Fighting for LGBTQ Health Even as Civil Rights are Rolled Back

Description: Federal regulations have eliminated key civil rights protections for the LGBTQ community. Learn more about where things stand and what strategies could be implemented on the state or local levels to respond.

Prescription Drugs

How to Counter Pharma’s B.S.

Description: As advocates push for lower drug prices, drugmakers have developed a narrative that can be tough to break through. At this workshop you will learn and discuss messages that work to counter the industry rhetoric and win.

Enrollment Medicaid Health System Transformation

Outreach and Enrollment Funding and Programming Landscape

Description: Join us for small group style discussions and report-outs on the following topics influencing enrollment today, including: Medicaid Administrative Claiming, Nonprofit Insurance Broker Models, addressing enabling services and social determinants of health with enrollment, the public charge, and Medicaid Waivers.

Medicaid Campaigns and Advocacy Skills Building

Talking About Medicaid with Conservatives

Description: We have learned a lot about the politics and framing of Medicaid with conservative audiences in the last several years. In this panel we will talk through lessons learned and how they apply going forward.

Health Equity Health System Transformation

What's Next? Coverage and Affordability Opportunities in Red, Blue, and Purple States

Description: A surprisingly broad range of resources and options are available to streamline enrollment and to lower consumers’ health care and coverage costs in the individual market. Learn about promising, innovative strategies tailored to fit very different political conditions.


Refreshment Break (Hall of Battles)


Restoring the Balance: Challenges in 2020 (Regency Ballroom)

Description: With the 2020 elections looming, the stakes couldn’t be higher for health and all other issues that matter to families in our country. Hear from leaders of intersecting social justice movements about the importance of raising our voices this year.


Closing Remarks (Regency Ballroom)

Speaker: Frederick Isasi, J.D., MPH, Families USA


Celebration Happy Hour

Description: Join fellow advocates in a celebration of 25 years of Health Action.

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Continental Breakfast (Columbia ABC)


Breakfast Roundtables (Columbia ABC)