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In Their Own Words

By Megan Salzman,


No one should ever have to choose between getting an education and quality health coverage. Unfortunately, before March 23, 2010that was a choice that too many young adultshad to face. But now, because the Affordable Care Act allows young adults to stay on their parents’ health plan until the age of 26, young adults like Amanda Kary can receive both.

Because she was able to stay on her parent’s health plan, Amanda had the peace of mind that allowed her to stay in school and pursue her dream of becoming a physician.

For Amanda and countless other Americans, Obamacare has already paid dividends and provided access to affordable, quality health care coverage. From preventing insurance companies from denying coverage to sick children, to extending coverage for young adults, to helping seniors afford their prescription drugs—the law is working!

Over the past two weeks, Families USA and Stand Up for Health Care have featured a series of consumer stories, such as Amanda’s. In their own words, these consumers were able to share with us how they are in fact the Heart of Obamacare.

By sharing their stories and putting a face on this important issue, consumers are helping protect the law and ensure that it will continue to help millions of America’s families. To get involved with our campaign and let your voice be heard, visit to share your story!