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Insights Column 03.24.2014

How Medicaid Expansion Benefits Women with HIV/AIDS

42% of HIV-positive women do not get needed treatment and drugs March is National Women’s History Month. As part of this month of honoring women’s strength, resilience, and leadership, March 10 was designated as…

Insights Column 02.16.2016

How Federal Dollars Are Helping South Dakota

One of the top priorities of the right-wing group Americans for Prosperity (AFP) is stopping Medicaid expansion across the country. And in South Dakota, they’ve stepped up their operations, working to derail expansion discussions in…

Insights Column 02.18.2016

Uninsured in Virginia: Lori’s Story

In late 2015, Lori was in desperate need of cardiology care for her heart condition. In the past, she had always been able to pick up the phone and schedule appointments with her specialists.…

Insights Column 03.03.2016

Voices of Health Advocates: Priorities for 2016

    Across the country, state advocates are pursuing multiple strategies to improve health care in America. Three years into the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, many advocates are focusing on extending health insurance…

Insights Column 03.08.2016

Why States Should Suspend Medicaid for People During Incarceration

With a majority of states expanding Medicaid, many more people stand to gain health coverage, including those recently released from jail or prison. States are re-evaluating their policies regarding Medicaid for incarcerated residents. We’ve…

Insights Column 04.12.2016

Top Five Blogs So Far in 2016

We know you have a lot going on, and there isn’t always time to read everything. That’s why we’ve rounded up five of our most popular blogs published between January and March of this…

Insights Column 04.28.2016

Four Provisions to Watch in the New Medicaid Managed Care Rules

On Monday, the Obama administration issued sweeping new standards for health insurers that operate Medicaid managed care plans for the states. The new rules are a big deal in part because they affect so many people: There…