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Insights Column 06.04.2015

What You Need to Know about King v. Burwell

Later this month the Supreme Court will announce its decision in King v. Burwell, a case that threatens the health coverage of millions. This overview will bring busy readers up to speed on what’s at…

Insights Column 06.19.2015

Father’s Day: ACA Coverage Gave Megan More Time with Dad

For 25 years, Megan’s dad, Steve, devoted his career to helping others. He worked at a nonprofit for people with disabilities in Beatrice, Nebraska. This work offered life lessons and wisdom he passed down…

Insights Column 06.26.2015

Takeaways from the King v Burwell Decision

When the Supreme Court sided with the government in King v. Burwell yesterday, it was a victory for the Affordable Care Act (ACA)—and, more importantly, for the millions of people who currently benefit from the law…

Insights Column 07.07.2015

Observations on Proposed Health Insurance Premium Rates for 2016

Now that insurers’ proposed health insurance premium rates for 2016 have been made public by federal and state regulators, the rate review process—where the public and consumer groups can comment—is in full swing. Not…

Insights Column 07.09.2015

Too Many Adults Continue to Go without Dental Care

Lack of access to dental care is a significant problem in American health care. Last week, USA Today reported that the number of adults seeking help in the emergency room for “long-delayed dental care” has…