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How the uninsured affect the insured

If you have insurance, you might not give a second thought to those without it. Think uninsurance doesn’t affect you? Think again. According to a new study funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, when there… Read more.

09.28.2011 / Erin Kelly, / Insights Column

Health Insurance Premium Update

This blog was originally posted on the White House Blog. Today, we received two updates on health insurance premiums. The Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual survey on health insurance looked back at the premiums insurers charged… Read more.

09.28.2011 / Insights Column

Skyrocketing health costs place a burden on families

With the economy still in a slump, the skyrocketing cost of health care places another burden on families already worried about paying the bills and finding jobs. But things don’t need to be this… Read more.

09.21.2011 / Lydia Mitts, / Insights Column