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Some are fighting against no-cost contraceptives

One of the hallmark provisions included in the Affordable Care Act is under attack, putting women’s health in jeopardy. As we mentioned this summer, women scored a huge victory when the Administration announced that all forms… Read more.

12.07.2011 / Insights Column

The Struggles of Living without Health Insurance

Health insurance is simply out of reach for many Americans. While many jobs offer it, many don’t. Without an offer of coverage from their employer, workers have to navigate the individual market on their… Read more.

11.30.2011 / Caety Chong, / Insights Column

Paid sick days

It’s that time of year—flu season is in full swing. And when we get sick, we know that it is important to stay home from work to speed our recovery and prevent spreading our… Read more.

11.22.2011 / Insights Column