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Insights Column 02.04.2011

Self-employed, uninsured and dead from a heart attack at 54

This story was originally posted by Eve Gittelson on Daily Kos. This unspeakable tragedy, was just brought to my attention, I'm at a loss for words. Melissa Hall was a self-employed, freelance writer and editor.…

Insights Column 02.02.2011

Radical, Judicial Activism

Originally featured on Huffington Post Yesterday afternoon, Judge Rodger Vinson, who has presided over the 26-state lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act, issued his ruling. In a decision that constitutes radical judicial activism run amok,…

Insights Column 02.02.2011

Health Action 2011: A great success

After attending our action-packed Health Action 2011 conference this past weekend, health care advocates from across the country are returning to their home states, ready to continue the fight for quality health care for…

Insights Column 01.31.2011

Opinion: The High Cost of Repealing Health Reform

This was originally posted on AOL News Before the ink was even dry on the Affordable Care Act, opponents of reform have been working overtime, doing anything and everything they can to repeal health reform…

Insights Column 01.20.2011

The numbers aren’t pretty

Before the ink was even dry on the Affordable Care Act, opponents of reform rolled up their sleeves and got to work to repeal dozens of consumer protections that were included in the new…

Insights Column 01.20.2011

Working together to build a better system

It seems like we’ve heard the same talking points from conservatives for the past year and a half. They say that the Affordable Care Act will increase the deficit, even though the non-partisan Congressional…

Insights Column 01.19.2011

Reform vs. repeal

This blog was originally written and posted by Shavon Arline, National Health Director of the NAACP. As we begin this new year, the NAACP finds ourselves back in the fight to support that which is now…

Insights Column 01.13.2011

Repealing health reform has financial consequences.

The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) was created in 1974 by the passage of the Congressional Budget and Impoundment Control Act. Its purpose is to provide the Congress with “objective, nonpartisan, and timely analysis to aid…