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Insights Column 06.27.2017

Medicaid Cuts Limit Access to Oral Health Care

Congressional proposals to cut and cap Medicaid will put enormous pressure on states to cut services – and will make it nearly impossible for states that now have gaps in their coverage to ever…

Insights Column 03.30.2018

Troubling Trends for Oral Health in Medicaid Waivers

The following blog post was co-written by Eliot Fishman and Colin Reusch. Fishman is Senior Director of Health Policy at Families USA, a leading national voice for health care consumers dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable…

Insights Column 08.07.2018

Why Medicare Should Cover Oral Health: Cheryl’s Story

This blog is part of an ongoing series of stories from people across the country who need comprehensive dental coverage, but do not have access to it. Families USA, in partnership with the DentaQuest…

Insights Column 08.08.2018

Medicare Part B Offers a Way Forward for Dental Coverage

In July, Families USA joined the American Dental Association, Oral Health America, Center for Medicare Advocacy, Justice in Aging, DentaQuest Foundation, Santa Fe Group and other industry leaders, in releasing An Oral Health Benefit in…

Insights Column 09.21.2018

Congress Shows Support for Medically Necessary Dental Care

We’re advancing toward oral health coverage in Medicare, one small step at a time Millions of seniors and people with disabilities rely on Medicare for their health care, but it does not cover their…

Insights Column 05.06.2019

Addressing Rural Seniors’ Unmet Needs for Oral Health Care

Cheryl Fish-Parcham (Families USA), Melissa Burroughs (Families USA), Eric P. Tranby (Dentaquest Partnerhsip for Oral Health Advancement), Avery R. Brow (Dentaquest Partnership for Oral Health Advancement), Addressing Rural Seniors’ Unmet Needs For Oral Health…

Insights Column 02.05.2019

The CREATES Act Helps Tackle Prescription Drug Costs

High and rising prescription drug prices force consumers to skip doses or even avoid filling their prescriptions for life-saving medications altogether. Now is the perfect time for Congress to finally begin to take action by…