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Insights Column 09.28.2011

Health Insurance Premium Update

This blog was originally posted on the White House Blog. Today, we received two updates on health insurance premiums. The Kaiser Family Foundation’s annual survey on health insurance looked back at the premiums insurers charged…

Insights Column 09.21.2011

Skyrocketing health costs place a burden on families

With the economy still in a slump, the skyrocketing cost of health care places another burden on families already worried about paying the bills and finding jobs. But things don’t need to be this…

Insights Column 09.16.2011


During last Monday’s Republican presidential debate, the moderator asked Ron Paul if a man who didn’t have insurance slipped into a coma, should “society just let him die?” While Paul struggled to answer the…

Insights Column 09.15.2011

Community Health Centers: Healthy Neighborhoods and More Jobs

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has been making some important investments in the health of Americans. A few weeks ago, we told you that the HHS allocated $137 million to improve public health…

Insights Column 09.12.2011

Free Preventive Care: What’s in it for you

You may have heard that thanks to the Affordable Care Act, preventive services are now offered free-of-charge to people with new insurance plans. And while it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that nipping…

Insights Column 09.08.2011

No more unreasonable premium hikes!

Health insurance premiums are rising at alarming rates. Over the past decade, the cost of family coverage has increased by 131%. Growth of premiums far outpaces the growth of inflation and wages. And as the United…

Insights Column 09.07.2011

Doctors without borders, indeed

You know that things have gotten bad if a group of doctors who got together to provide health services to rural and low-income communities in developing nations has instead set up shop in the…

Fact Sheet 09.01.2011

Helping People with Medicare

The Affordable Care Act will make health care more affordable for seniors and people with disabilities who rely on Medicare. The law will also change how Medicare pays for health care, making the program…