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Insights Column 09.05.2017

Health Care-Packed Week for Congress

Congress is back from summer vacation and has little time to waste on a packed September agenda. Legislative items on its plate this month include: passing a government funding bill and disaster relief; extending funding for…

Insights Column 09.11.2017

Congress Must Pass CHIP Funding Soon

Time is running out for Congress to pass legislation that should be easy: extending funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP). If Congress doesn’t act to extend CHIP funding, health coverage for 9…

Insights Column 10.06.2017

Another Hidden ACA Attack in Congress

This blog post originally appeared in The Hill. After a decade of fruitlessly besieging the city of Troy, the Greeks seemed to sail away for home, leaving behind a gift. “What lovely sculpture,” exclaimed the…

Insights Column 10.12.2017

President Trump’s Executive Order Another Act of ACA Sabotage

President Trump’s Executive Order accomplishes nothing on its own. However, it asks HHS and the Department of Labor to take the Trump Administration’s ACA sabotage campaign to new heights. With less than three weeks…

Insights Column 10.13.2017

Ending Cost-Sharing Reduction Payments Will Wreak Havoc on Families

Yesterday, President Trump and Acting HHS Secretary Eric Hargan announced the “immediate” end of payments to fund cost-sharing reductions (CSRs). Coming three weeks before open enrollment, this is the most malicious and harmful attack…