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Insights Column 04.23.2013

New Premium Tax Credits: A Health Care Game Changer

This blog was originally posted on Obamacare was designed to give peace of mind to hard-working American families. And starting in January, it will do just that for millions of Americans. In fact, according…

Insights Column 04.19.2013

Great Graduation Gift for Grandchildren: Health Coverage

With spring comes another crop of college graduates. For many, graduation can bring a flood of widely varying emotions. On one hand, there’s the fist-pumping, cap-in-the-air celebration of a diploma in hand: Four years…

Infographic 03.23.2013

Premium Tax Credits by the Numbers

How many people will be eligible for a health insurance premium tax credit? These infographics provides a quick look at how many people will get tax credits, how much help low- and middle-income people…

Insights Column 03.12.2013

Rate Shock for Young Americans: Debunking the Myth

Recently, there has been heated debate about the “rate shock” that some say young adults will experience as a result of the change in age rating under the Affordable Care Act. Today, insurers typically…