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In Their Own Words

No one should ever have to choose between getting an education and quality health coverage. Unfortunately, before March 23, 2010, that was a choice that too many young adultshad to face. But now, because the… Read more.

09.25.2012 / Megan Salzman, / Insights Column

Latinos and the Health Care Law

Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to celebrate the great contributions made by the Latino community. It’s also a chance to discuss the difficulties this community continually faces and reflect on the opportunities we… Read more.

09.20.2012 / Sascha Murillo, / Insights Column

Shopping for Health Care Just Got a Lot Easier!

Originally posted on Huffington Post. OK, I'm not prepared to say that shopping for health insurance is ever going to be as easy as shopping for a can of soup, but on September 23 it's… Read more.

09.19.2012 / Ron Pollack, / Insights Column

More Consumer Savings Thanks to Obamacare

Did you get a rebate check in the mail last month from your insurance company? Were you pleasantly surprised to see a smaller increase—or no increase at all—in your insurance premium this year? If… Read more.

09.12.2012 / Amy Traver, / Insights Column

Obamacare Worked for Young Adults

Many of the important reforms that Obamacare provides will take a couple more years to be complete—big change takes time. But one already implemented provision has made a huge difference in more than a… Read more.

09.12.2012 / Amy Traver, / Insights Column