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Treating a Nationwide Toothache

It's a problem that we don't think about a lot-but it's very important. Many kids and families are not getting the routine dental care they need. There are many possible reasons for this, including… Read more.

04.16.2012 / Elisabeth Rodman, / Insights Column

Join us for a Spanish Language Twitter Chat

This blog is cross-posted from the Department of Health and Human Services. By Mayra Alvarez, HHS Director of Public Health Policy Posted April 06, 2012 April is National Minority Health Month dedicated to advancing health… Read more.

04.09.2012 / Insights Column

The High Cost of Gender Rating

What could explain a health insurance company charging one 25-year-old nearly double what another pays for the same coverage? No, it's not a pre-existing condition or chronic illness. It's gender. In most states, health insurers… Read more.

03.23.2012 / Sarah Bagge, / Insights Column