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Comment 01.10.2020

Consumers First Letter Urging Action on Prescription Drugs

Consumers First, an alliance representing employers, providers, consumer organizations, and workers, recently sent this letter to Capitol Hill, urging Congress to advance a number of bipartisan proposals to tackle the high and rising costs…

Insights Column 01.09.2020

Utah’s Work Reporting Requirement: A Burden on State Government

On January 1, 2020, Utah’s Medicaid work reporting requirement went into effect. In addition to being onerous for patients and providers and legally dubious, the work reporting requirement will be costly and administratively burdensome…

Comment 01.02.2020

Federal Comments on Tennessee’s Block Grant Waiver Proposal

Families USA submitted this letter in response to CMS’s request for comments on Tennessee’s proposal to amend its section 1115 waiver to dramatically restructure its Medicaid program under a block grant arrangement. A change…