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Fact Sheet 04.02.2019

The Impact of Medicaid Expansion on Kansas’ State Budget

Kansas lawmakers are currently considering legislation that could expand Medicaid to 150,000 nonelderly, low-income Kansans. As lawmakers debate Medicaid expansion in the state’s legislature, Families USA has published a fact sheet on the impact…

Insights Column 03.25.2019

Medicaid Plans Under Scrutiny

State health plans for families are under scrutiny – in the courts, in the states, and in Washington. It is hard to think of a time when the Medicaid program was getting so much…

Webinar 03.25.2019

Video: Medicaid Proposals Facing Scrutiny

From Trump administration block grant proposals, to work requirements in the federal courts, to the waiver restrictions faced in the Capitol hallways of West Virginia; Medicaid waivers are under scrutiny. Speakers examine what's happening…

Report 03.21.2019

Statement of Principles: The Coalition for Fair Drug Prices

Eight in ten Americans say the cost of prescription drugs is “unreasonable.” This is a problem driven by high launch prices and price increases, which are rooted in drug corporations’ monopoly power and perverse incentives…

Insights Column 03.19.2019

“Relying on Charity is not a Sustainable Solution”

Throughout our nation’s history, the strength of our country has been deeply rooted in the daily acts of service that so many people render to their communities and their loved ones. Yet for others,…