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Insights Column 03.14.2011

Surgeon General Previews Preventive Health Strategy

A recent article by Charles Fiegl reports that U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin has drafted a strategy focused on preventive health care. It is important that Americans stay healthy as we approach 2014, when…

Insights Column 03.07.2011

Florida judge says implementation can go forward

Last week, Federal Judge Roger Vinson, who ruled in January that the entire Affordable Care Act was unconstitutional, issued a stay of his own ruling. You might be wondering, what exactly does this mean?…

Insights Column 03.03.2011

More money going to health care

One of the provisions of the Affordable Care Act is what’s known as the medical loss ratio requirement—better known as MLR. This requirement at one time caused a mild panic among insurers. But it…

Report 03.01.2011

Navigators Need Not Be Licensed as Insurance Brokers or Agents

This brief explains the Affordable Care Act's requirement that state health insurance exchanges establish navigator programs to help consumers make informed choices. In some states, there's debate about whether insurance brokers and agents perform…

Report 03.01.2011

The Health Care Law: Good News for Caregivers

Are you one of the 52 million Americans who take care of a spouse, parent, or other relative? If so, you know that caregiving can take an emotional and financial toll. Caregivers lose wages,…

Insights Column 02.28.2011

Community health centers vital to Americans’ health

Jimmy Ledesma’s sister and two brothers all died from diabetes. He did not realize that he too was suffering from the disease until he collapsed at work one day—and could not stand up. He…