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Insights Column 12.12.2011

Health Reform would cut the number of uninsured Virginians in half

Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell has been an outspoken opponent against the Affordable Care Act. Unfortunately for him, the Virginia Health Reform Initiative (VHRI) Advisory Council—a council that he formed—released a report finding that the Affordable…

Insights Column 12.08.2011

You’re Invited to Health Action 2012!

Families USA is pleased to invite you to Health Action 2012! Come gather with health care justice advocates from across the country to discuss challenges and formulate plans for the coming year. Please join us Thursday, January…

Insights Column 12.07.2011

Some are fighting against no-cost contraceptives

One of the hallmark provisions included in the Affordable Care Act is under attack, putting women’s health in jeopardy. As we mentioned this summer, women scored a huge victory when the Administration announced that all forms…

Insights Column 12.06.2011

Health Care Costs Put 10 Million More Americans in Poverty

According to the Census Bureau, 15.1 percent of Americans were living in poverty in 2010. That’s 46.2 million of us. But when the Census Bureau determines whether or not a family or individual is living…

Fact Sheet 12.01.2011

Defending Health Care Programs from Budget Cuts

As the federal deficit grows, more politicians are targeting health care programs like Medicare and Medicaid for spending cuts. But this approach would hurt families, seniors, people with disabilities, and state economies. This series…

Insights Column 11.30.2011

The Struggles of Living without Health Insurance

Health insurance is simply out of reach for many Americans. While many jobs offer it, many don’t. Without an offer of coverage from their employer, workers have to navigate the individual market on their…

Insights Column 11.22.2011

Protecting Consumers from Unreasonable Rate Increases

This blog was written by Steve Larsen and originally appeared on The health care law gives us new tools to protect consumers who are looking for health insurance in the private market.  One of…

Insights Column 11.22.2011

Paid sick days

It’s that time of year—flu season is in full swing. And when we get sick, we know that it is important to stay home from work to speed our recovery and prevent spreading our…

Insights Column 11.18.2011

Celebrate National Caregivers Month

November is National Caregivers Month—a time to recognize and celebrate caregivers for their important role in our lives.  There are professional caregivers,  but there are also about 52 million unpaid caregivers—spouses, mothers, fathers, sons,…

Insights Column 11.16.2011

Speak up at a listening session on health insurance coverage!

    The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) is holding 10 regional listening sessions throughout the country about what benefits health plans should be required to cover as part of an “essential benefits…