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Insights Column 03.07.2012

The Affordable Care Act Saved My Future

It only took one night for my financial standing to turn upside down. As a recent college graduate and soon-to-be graduate student, money is scarce and I worry about every dollar I spend. During…

Insights Column 03.01.2012

Celebrate Black History Month and Fight for Health Equity

"Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in healthcare is the most shocking and inhumane." - Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. As African American History Month comes to a close, we reflect on Dr. King's…

Insights Column 02.27.2012

Value You Can See

We all want value for the dollar when we make a big purchase. Especially when we buy something expensive, we want to know that we're getting a high-quality product that makes a hit to…

Insights Column 02.16.2012

The Hidden Holes in Our Health Coverage

On February 9, the Administration announced a final rule under the health care law that requires all health insurance companies to describe the benefits, limitations, and costs of their plans in plain, consistent language.…

Insights Column 02.16.2012

The State of Latino Health Twitter Chat

Cross-posted via the Department of Health and Human Services By, Julia Eisman HHS New Media Communications Director Not all Americans have equal access to health care - or similar health care outcomes. Racial and ethnic…

Insights Column 02.13.2012

The End of Unexplained Insurance Rate Increases in New York

Advocates in New York recently celebrated a huge victory for health care consumers. Their efforts resulted in the public disclosure of insurer filings for all premium rate increases, guaranteeing greater transparency for consumers. New…

Insights Column 02.09.2012

Playing Politics with Women’s Health

Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, come August 1, 2012,many insurance plans will be required to cover contraception as part of women's preventive care - meaning no more co-pays or deductibles. This is welcome news to…

Insights Column 02.07.2012

One Family’s Struggle Against Leukemia and Medical Bills

Amid the many tragic stories of Americans struggling with health care costs, one Alabama family's situation exemplifies the undeniable need for health reform. The Richmond family has a 13-year-old daughter who is battling leukemia at USA…