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Nebraska’s Proposed Medicaid Reporting Requirements: A Costly Burden on the State’s Government

In Nebraska, Governor Ricketts is proposing a complex set of reporting requirements and bureaucratic hurdles as part of the long-delayed implementation of Nebraska’s voter-approved Medicaid expansion. These reporting requirements include reporting on both employment status and other so-called “beneficiary engagement” activities.  But the evidence on these requirements from other states is overwhelming:

  • Medicaid reporting requirements are expensive to implement and Nebraska’s administrative costs will likely exceed those of other states that have tried similar programs due to the volume and complexity of its requirements.
  • Like other states that have implemented reporting requirements, Nebraska will face years of litigation before it can implement these reporting requirements.
  • Like all other states, Nebraska will face new federal administrative requirements as part of implementation.

Click the “Download the Analysis” button below for details on Nebraska’s and other states’ federal requirements and administrative burden associated with implementing work reporting requirements.