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2018 Federal, State, and Local Election Toolkit for Health Care Voters


As the 2018 elections approach, now is the time for people to speak out to candidates about the kind of health care system they want, and to hold candidates accountable for delivering on it. Whether at a town hall, in the media, or one-on-one, voters can hold candidates for federal, state, and local offices accountable for working to protect health care, instead of tearing it down.

Health care is a top-of-mind issue for voters. In 2017, people across the country feared losing their health care due to tumultuous efforts by Republicans in Congress to repeal insurance.

Throughout this year, health care threats have continued as some state leaders have tried to make it harder for people to enroll in Medicaid, and at the federal level, the Trump administration, its allies in Congress, and judicial actions have threatened health care access and protections.

To help you speak out about health care this election season, Families USA has produced this toolkit. We hope you will use these resources to engage your candidates for federal, state, and local offices on the health care issues that matter most.

As the elections approach, the voices of advocates and families can make a big difference in keeping health care at the forefront of the debate. Together we can hold elected officials accountable for protecting coverage and care!