Issue Brief
July 2011

Perils of Health Insurance Sold across State Lines

Explains the problems with allowing health insurance companies to sell plans in states where they are not licensed, including insurers evading and undermining consumer protections.

Issue Brief
August 2010

Designing a Consumer Health Assistance Program

Reviews key considerations to keep in mind when designing programs to help consumers understand and enroll in health insurance, including funding, location, outreach, scope, staffing, and training.

Issue Brief
November 2012

Health Homes in Medicaid

Find out how to get involved in developing Medicaid health homes, one of the ways states can get funding from the Affordable Care Act to provide coordinated, patient-centered care.

Issue Brief
May 2011

Implementing Health Insurance Exchanges

This series explores multiple aspects of implementing health insurance exchanges, including obtaining funding, establishing good governance and oversight, and selecting plans.

Issue Brief
September 2012

Brokers and Agents and Health Insurance Exchanges 

Seven issues that advocates should consider around the roles and responsibilities of insurance brokers and agents who help consumers enroll in health coverage through health insurance marketplaces.


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