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Medicaid Redeterminations Are Here: States Still Have Options to Pave the Way Toward Greater Government Efficiency

On April 1, 2023, states began to redetermine tens of millions of people’s eligibility for health care benefits through Medicaid for the first time in three years — and millions of people are likely to lose health coverage as a result. To avoid unnecessary coverage losses, states can take immediate steps to make enrollment and eligibility processes more efficient during this critical time. Keeping people covered through Medicaid means that more families can access the care they need, hospitals have less uncompensated care, and people are more likely to be healthy and able to participate in the workforce.

Procedural changes that enable state governments to work more efficiently are essential during this time of unprecedented administrative burden and widespread labor shortages. Some states have already taken steps to streamline Medicaid eligibility and enrollment practices in anticipation of this moment. Other states are still working to plan for likely challenges posed by the redeterminations process that will run from April 2023 to May 2024. It is not too late for state policymakers to make improvements to their systems — changes that will help keep people covered and protect state budgets.

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