October 20, 2015

The High Administrative Costs of Common Medicaid Expansion Waiver Elements

Melissa Burroughs

Oral Health Campaign Manager

Montana, the most recent state to extend its Medicaid program to more residents, is wrapping up negotiations with the federal government to determine the logistics of what this alternative expansion program will entail. Like several of the 31 states (including D.C.) that have opted to expand Medicaid, Montana chose to expand its program using an 1115 waiver. These waivers give states increased flexibility when designing their Medicaid programs.

October 2015

Medicaid Expansion Helps Low-Wage Workers: Expansion States

States that expand Medicaid are making high-quality health coverage available to many hard-working people who would not otherwise have insurance. These individuals don’t qualify for regular Medicaid but cannot afford private health insurance. We looked at data from 11 states that have expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and found that the majority of residents who can benefit from expanded Medicaid are employed. 


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