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Oral Health

Donna’s Dental Dilemma: A Fight for Coverage and Answers

Card Image When teacher Donna Calhoun bit into an apple and lost a tooth, she did not expect the dental emergency and bureaucratic nightmare that followed. With a Cigna dental PPO plan from her former employer, which she had been paying into for a decade, she expected coverage, but finding an available appointment in-network proved difficult as her condition worsened, leading to a fever and infection.

Maternal and Child Health

Honoring the Whole Person: Kea’s Birth Experience

Card Image Kea had a plan. Pregnant with her first child, she knew she wanted a natural birth, and she wanted her birth experience to be an experience that was unique to her. However, she felt dismissed by doctors when she made requests, and ignored at appointments. Kea switched to a birth center, and everything changed for the better.

Private Insurance Coverage

No Returns on Insurance Investment

Card Image After going off his parents insurance, Nate quickly chose a new insurance plan, but later realized it was a junk short-term plan, covering very little and with high copays and other costs. The providers of Nate's old plan were recently sued by the FTC for providing junk coverage, and he recieved money from the settlement.

Private Insurance Coverage

Life-Saving Credits for Coverage

Card Image Holly and her family had employer-sponsered insurance through her husband's work, so they worried what would happen when her husband was laid-off. With the help of advance premium tax credits (APTCs) Holly's family has good, affordable coverage with tax credits to pay for monthly premiums.

Private Insurance

A Mother's Fight for Expedited Care

Card Image Stephanie needed iron infusions following a kidney transplant, but care was delayed due to issues with prior authorization through her insurance provider. Thanks to the repeated efforts of Stephanie's mother Lauren, her caretaker and advocate, Stephanie got the care she needed within 72 hours. A health advocate in her own right, Lauren wonders "how are other patients dealing with this?"

Surprise Medical Bills

Why Don't We Know, Before We Go?

Card Image When she was 16 years old Christine needed a life-saving surgery at a childrens hospital out-of-state. The hours long ambulance ride resulted in an over $5,000 surprise bill that her parents weren't prepared for, placing a heavy financial toll on the family. How can patients be protected from these surprise bills?


Mind the (Coverage) Gap

Card Image After her pregnancy and postpartum period, Lakeisha. an essential worker for the government, no longer qualified for Medicaid. When she was hospitalized for walking pnemonia and nable to receive short-term disability, Lakeisha was forced to take out loans to cover her medical bills.

Payment and Delivery System Reform

Treat Me, the Person, Not Just My Symptoms

Card Image After several years of struggling and meeting with numerous doctors, Laura was finally diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder. The prescriptions needed for her condition are not covered by her insurance, despite appeals by her doctors. Laura is faced with the difficult choice of paying for food, or paying for medication.

Rx Drug Pricing

Crossing International Waters for Insulin

Card Image In 2012, Diedre was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, and her condition requires insulin. Due to an insulin shortage and rapidly rising costs, Diedre gets half of her insulin from a pharmaceutical company based in Canada. How can patients be expected to acquire life-saving medication at home if costs keep rising?

Rx Drug Pricing

Affordable Medication, Protecting My Pension

Card Image As a thyroid cancer survivor, Gail was prescribed medication by her endocrinologist. She also suffers from asthma and a bronchial condition. The costs of her medications in the United States would absorb her pension, so she sought an alternative by getting medication delivered from Canada.