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Video 08.25.2022

“Let’s Talk About The No Surprises Act” Twitter Space

"Let's Talk About The No Surprises Act" Twitter Space Families USA hosted a Twitter Space, featuring Jane Sheehan, our Director of Federal Relations, and Nicki Pogue, a consumer who has received a surprise medical…

Insights Column 08.18.2022

What the “Inflation Reduction Act” means for our health 

We did it! After over a year of emailing and calling and tweeting and persuading and writing and analyzing, congressional leaders finally listened to their constituents, and passed major legislation to help people afford…

Insights Column 07.14.2022

Time for Medicare to cover our entire body

You’ve worked your entire life – raising a family, paying taxes, doing all the things you were supposed to do. Now you’re retired and getting Medicare benefits that you spent decades paying into. But…