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Insights Column 09.08.2016

Medicaid Expansion Improves People’s Financial Stability

Last month, Kentucky asked the federal government for approval to make significant and troubling changes to its highly successful Medicaid expansion program. To justify its request, the state asserted that these changes would help “break the…

Insights Column 11.04.2016

Webinar: Health Advocacy after the 2016 Elections

Join Families USA for a post-election webinar to discuss what the election results mean for health advocacy priorities in 2017 and beyond. Speakers will include: Ron Pollack, Executive Director; Shannon Attanasio, Government Affairs Director; Patrick Willard, Campaigns, Outreach, and…

Insights Column 12.20.2016

Repeal Will Be Only the First Hit to Medicaid

If Republicans in Congress and President-elect Trump are successful in repealing the Affordable Care Act early next year as they have pledged, what happens to Medicaid, which insures one in five Americans and one…