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Insights Column 04.30.2013

Why the DC Cancer Consortium Opposes “Tobacco Rating”

This post is a guest blog by Staurt Berlow, Public Policy Manager, at The DC Cancer Consortium. The DC Cancer Consortium and our 75 organizational members are committed to reducing the toll of cancer…

Insights Column 04.23.2013

Children Need Exchange Coverage Too

This post was originally from Georgetown Center for Children and Families' Say Ahhh! blog By Maureen Hensley-Quinn, National Academy for State Health Policy As state and federal government officials race to meet Affordable Care Act (ACA)…

Insights Column 04.23.2013

New Premium Tax Credits: A Health Care Game Changer

This blog was originally posted on Obamacare was designed to give peace of mind to hard-working American families. And starting in January, it will do just that for millions of Americans. In fact, according…

Insights Column 04.19.2013

Great Graduation Gift for Grandchildren: Health Coverage

With spring comes another crop of college graduates. For many, graduation can bring a flood of widely varying emotions. On one hand, there’s the fist-pumping, cap-in-the-air celebration of a diploma in hand: Four years…