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Insights Column 01.14.2016

Consumer Advocates Should Review New Guidance for 1332 Waivers

Last month, HHS and the Department of the Treasury issued new guidance on state innovation waivers that includes stronger protections for low-income and vulnerable consumers. We believe many of its provisions should be added to federal…

Insights Column 01.27.2016

Health Insurance Mergers: Questions Consumers Want Answered

Last July, four insurance giants announced proposed mergers. Anthem is proposing to purchase Cigna, and Aetna to purchase Humana. A merged Anthem-Cigna would cover 53 million people, and a merged Aetna-Humana would cover more than 33…

Insights Column 02.25.2016

Health Insurance and 2015 Taxes: A Quick Guide

This is the second year that everyone who files taxes must indicate whether they have health insurance.  Depending on their coverage status, some people may also need to supply additional information. These relatively new…

Insights Column 03.16.2016

3 Things to Know about Affordable Care Act Repayment Caps

This week, the House Ways and Means Committee in Congress will vote on legislation that would eliminate caps on how much money marketplace consumers must repay the federal government if they receive more premium tax credits…