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Insights Column 08.26.2015

To Tackle Health Disparities, Make Care More Affordable

Communities of color face significant health disparities and are more likely to suffer from certain chronic conditions, like diabetes, where early detection and treatment could mean the difference between life and death. One way…

Insights Column 09.08.2015

HHS Proposes New Rules to Prevent Discrimination in Health Care

Last week, the federal government, for the first time, announced far-reaching regulations banning discrimination in health care. With this historic action, the government is prohibiting discrimination in the provision of health care services based on…

Insights Column 09.16.2015

Get Ready for Health Action 2016

Although 2016 is an election year, health care advocates cannot afford to wait for the November results before taking the next steps in health reform. From February 4-6, Health Action 2016—one of the nation’s largest…

Insights Column 09.29.2015

Growing Consumer Concerns About Drug Prices

This blog was originally published on The Huffington Post. Among health care consumers throughout the United States, there is growing concern about the high and increasing costs of prescription medicines. Those concerns manifest themselves in…

Insights Column 10.15.2015

The Next Big Thing in Network Adequacy: The NAIC Model Act

Update: On November 22, 2015, the NAIC voted unanimously to adopt its updated Network Adequacy Model Act. Read our summary. In November, the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), the organization composed of insurance regulators from every…