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Insights Column 11.09.2012

What’s Next for Health Care

On Tuesday, America voted to reelect Barack Obama for another four years in office. It was a momentous victory, not only for progressives, but for the health care justice movement. With the reelection of…

Report 11.01.2012

Health Homes in Medicaid

The Affordable Care Act offers states several ways to improve patient care using a coordinated, patient-centered approach. The Medicaid health home is one such model states can pursue with funding from the health care…

Insights Column 10.26.2012

Health reform: Seven things you need to know now

    Originally Posted by Children's Mental Health Network   Thanks to Families USA for this great tip! As we all know, talking about the Affordable Care Act can be tricky. There’s a lot to cover, and some…

Insights Column 10.24.2012

Remembering Paul Wellstone

This blog was originally posted at  Ten years ago, on October 25, 2002, our nation lost a truly genuine and very decent American leader. When Senator Paul Wellstone perished in a plane crash --…

Insights Column 10.19.2012

Obamacare will Increase Job-Based Coverage

Opponents of Obamacare (the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act for those who prefer the formal title) often assert with great confidence that it will take away job-based health insurance from American workers. Yet…

Fact Sheet 10.01.2012

The District of Columbia Health Benefits Exchange Proposal

The District of Columbia is designing and operating its own health insurance marketplace (also known as an "exchange") where residents can shop for, compare, and enroll in affordable health insurance. Get answers to 14…

Insights Column 09.28.2012

ObamaCare vs. RomneyCare

On April 12, 2006, Mitt Romney signed the Massachusetts Health Insurance Reform into law.  In doing so, he proudly stated that the new law would expand health insurance coverage and consumer protections to people across the…

Insights Column 09.27.2012

Which Candidate’s Plan Helps Consumers Get Health Insurance?

It’s a straightforward question that a new report by Families USA looks into. And the answer itself is straightforward: President Obama’s plan helps many millions of consumers, while Governor Romney’s ideas would lead to a growing…

Insights Column 09.27.2012

ObamaCare vs. RomneyCandidateCare

Andrea’s last post comparing ObamaCare to Romney’s Massachusetts Health Insurance Law (RomneyCare) might leave you with the impression that Romney would do something similar for the nation should he be elected in November. Unfortunately, everything Governor…