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Insights Column 07.29.2014

The New Paul Ryan Poverty Plan’s Impact on Health Care

Last week, Paul Ryan—House Budget Chairman and the likely incoming chairman of the powerful Ways and Means Committee—released a plan proposing the broad reform and streamlining of the nation’s safety net programs for the…

Infographic 06.27.2014

World Cup 2014 Health Rankings

Countries that spend more on health care often also have a higher life expectancy, though many other factors can contribute to variations across countries. Our infographic shows health care spending and life expectancy (PNG) for countries…

Report 06.24.2014

How to Make Reference Pricing Work for Consumers

In today’s health care system, prices for medical care often vary greatly—even for the same service (e.g., a colonoscopy) from providers in the same network. And there is little to no correlation between this…