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Insights Column 04.06.2015

A Nation Divided: Two Health Care Americas

America is on the cusp of becoming a nation with two health care systems. This sharp division is the result of continued resistance to the Affordable Care Act (ACA), and it does greatest harm…

Insights Column 03.31.2015

If the Remaining States Expand Medicaid, Who Would Benefit?

Twenty-two states have chosen not to extend Medicaid coverage, leaving hundreds of thousands of their residents in the health coverage gap. These people—who do not qualify for Medicaid in their state, but cannot afford…

Report 03.30.2015

Medicaid Expansion and Health Disparities: Hispanics

In the states that have chosen not to expand their Medicaid program, there are hundreds of thousands of uninsured, low-income Hispanics who are lagging behind on key measures of access to health care. Whether…

Infographic 03.23.2015

Expanding Medicaid: State Data on Populations That Stand to Benefit

Update (7/16/2015): Alaska Governor Bill Walker announces he will use executive authority to expand Medicaid, leaving 19 states not expanding. Nineteen states* have chosen not to extend Medicaid health coverage, leaving sizable populations without health insurance. If…