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Infographic 06.19.2015

Indiana: King v. Burwell Could Put Health Insurance at Risk

The Supreme Court, in the King v. Burwell case, will soon decide whether millions of people in 34 states will lose premium tax credits they rely on to make health insurance affordable. Without those tax credits, most of…

Insights Column 06.19.2015

Father’s Day: ACA Coverage Gave Megan More Time with Dad

For 25 years, Megan’s dad, Steve, devoted his career to helping others. He worked at a nonprofit for people with disabilities in Beatrice, Nebraska. This work offered life lessons and wisdom he passed down…

Insights Column 06.04.2015

What You Need to Know about King v. Burwell

Later this month the Supreme Court will announce its decision in King v. Burwell, a case that threatens the health coverage of millions. This overview will bring busy readers up to speed on what’s at…

Report 06.03.2015

An Advocate’s Guide to Analyzing Insurers’ Financial Health

When health insurance companies want to raise premium rates, states use a process called "rate review" to decide whether proposed increases are justified. By participating in rate review, consumer advocates can challenge unreasonable premium…