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Health Justice Now Webinar Series Part 7: Effective Use of Peer Supports in Behavioral Health Care and Crisis Intervention


This is part 7 of the Health Justice Now series.

Many states and communities use peer specialists –people with lived experience of substance use or mental illness –as part of teams to promote recovery and intervene in times of crisis. In fact, many peer specialists help staff the 988 suicide hotlines in various states or become part of the mobile crisis teams. Watch this webinar and learn what recent research has shown about the effective use of peers in behavioral health teams; and how we can ensure that peers have the tools they need to succeed and advance in this career path.


  • Staci Lofton, Senior Director of Health Equity, Families USA


  • Patrick Corrigan, Distinguished Professor of Psychology, Illinois Institute of Technology
  • Dr. Paul Pfeiffer, MD, MS, Susan Crumpacker Brown Research Professor of Depression and Director of the Mental Health Innovation, Services and Outcomes Program (MHISO), U-Michigan Department of Psychiatry.
  • Keris Jän Myrick, Vice President of Partnerships, Inseparable
  • Caren Howard, Director of Policy and Advocacy, Mental Health America