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Health Care Drumbeat Digital Toolkit: Messaging & Polling to Move Federal Action in 2021


As the 117th Congress and Biden administration work on their next big policy package, we are all building the drumbeat for action on health and health care. Based on extensive messaging research and recent polling, we know that people in America want action on health care, and we know the most effective ways to talk about health care issues. This toolkit provides resources to help us shape our collective messages and collective actions to bridge political divides, cross stakeholder groups, and ensure that there is bold action to solve health care problems in 2021.

Key Resources


Template Social Media Content #FamiliesWantHealthReform

  • Health care is top of mind for America’s families. As Washington considers its next move, the majority of Republican, Democrat and Independent voters say health care should be a high priority for the President & Congress THIS YEAR #FamiliesWantHealthReform
  • All of us should have the opportunity to live a healthy life and receive high quality, #AffordableHealthCare no matter our race, ethnicity, gender, location, or identity. New polling shows that voters want to see action. #FamiliesWantHealthReform
  • No one in this country should ever have to worry that they can’t afford health care or choose between filling a prescription and putting food on the table. Polls show voters agree & want action this year. #FamiliesWantHealthReform
  • Our concern if we get sick should be getting better, not how to pay for it. Abuses by insurance and drug industries mean millions of us pay a fortune for care—or go without. Roughly nine in ten voters want action to lower #RxPrices and #HealthCareCosts. #FamiliesWantHealthReform
  • More than 8 in 10 voters believe the health care system today works more for the benefit of the insurance and drug industries than the average person. Families all over the country want Congress and the President to get #RxPrices under control NOW. #FamiliesWantHealthReform
  • Our health should not depend on our wealth. Healthy individuals & families are key to realizing a thriving economy and resilient communities. As our nation rebuilds, we need to make sure all families can afford health care they need. #FamiliesWantHealthReform  
  • Families across America need health care solutions. With drug prices rising out of control, unaffordable premiums/deductibles, and huge gaps in coverage like dental care, health is out of reach for many. Polls show voters agree & want action this year. #FamiliesWantHealthReform  
  •  #Health is infrastructure. Equity is vital. No matter our race, wealth, or geography, we all need affordable health care, including prescriptions. Real recovery hinges on @POTUS @SenSchumer @SpeakerPelosi centering health in American Families Plan. #FamiliesWantHealthReform