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04.04.2019 / Press Release

Statement: Families’ Health, Not Politics, Comes First with Passage of Bills to Lower Costs and Protect Care

Washington, D.C. – Families USA released the following statement regarding the Energy and Commerce Committee’s passage of 12 Bills to Protect Families’ Health Care and Reduce Prescription Drug Costs

Families USA applauds the Energy and Commerce Committee’s swift action to protect access to health care and speed the entry of lower cost generic prescription drugs for America’s families. Their efforts enhance what Democrats have been trying to do for some time despite increased opposition by the Trump Administration on health care coverage. They put people before politics by strengthening access to quality, affordable health care rather than reducing it. We urge Congress to take the same sense of urgency and action to bring comprehensive, robust legislation to the House floor for both health care coverage and prescription drugs. Putting families—children, adults, seniors and people with disabilities—first should also be at the core of elected officials’ work.

Catherine Horine is one of millions of people who exemplify why the Energy and Commerce Committee had to tackle expensive prescription drug costs, which are spiraling out of control at a rapid pace. She’s in a fight for her financial health because the costs of her medicine adds up quickly. She pays $1,000 out-of-pocket every month for her prescriptions. That is exactly half of her disability income. She does not have much left over for living expenses. And she finds herself in the Medicare Part D donut hole, early every year. When that happens, she has to pay even more out of pocket until her benefits renew at the beginning of the next year.

Families USA is fully committed to ensuring that families are not subjected to high prescription drug pricesthat make them choose between their health and paying the rent. Frederick Isasi, Families USA Executive Director, recently testified at a Ways and Means hearing on prescription drug costs and as  part of its leadership to tackle high and rising prescription costs, Families USA has launched the Coalition for Fair Drug Prices.

“The bipartisan approach to ensuring affordable prescription drugs is an example of true leadership and elected officials serving Catherine and millions of Americans like her. Protecting the health—both physical and financial—of our nation’s families, children, adults and vulnerable people is far more important than playing partisan politics.
“Hard working American families deserve high quality health coverage that does not require them to go into debt or take out a second mortgage to maintain. In the face of threats from the Trump administration, Congress needs to take comprehensive steps to protect people from pre-existing conditions and ensure access to affordable health care,” said Isasi.