Our Work: Medicaid

Medicaid protects middle-class families, seniors, children, and people with disabilities.

One in every five Americans gets their health care through Medicaid. Medicaid includes people from all walks of life—they range from middle-class individuals who have suffered a catastrophic illness, to seniors living in long-term care (70 percent of all nursing home residents rely on Medicaid), to newborns and children. View 5 social media graphics showing who benefits from Medicaid.

Medicaid makes our health system stronger for all of us.

Medicaid insures one in five Americans and one in three of the nation’s children. Medicaid helps people afford doctor visits so that they can stay healthy. And it pays for hospital stays and long-term care. Medicaid helps doctors and hospitals, too. By paying for the health care needs of low-income people, Medicaid reduces hospitals’ burden of unpaid care. This helps hospitals and makes the health care system stronger for all of us.

Medicaid is a federal and state program that boosts state economies.

All states already participate in the Medicaid program, and half have decided to use federal dollars to expand Medicaid even further. That’s because they know that, in addition to helping keep health care costs in check, Medicaid adds jobs and helps state budgets.

And Medicaid is flexible. This efficiently run program lets states tailor benefits, within broad federal guidelines, to better meet the needs of their residents.

Families USA works to keep Medicaid strong.

A key focus of Families USA’s Medicaid program is working with state partners to help them expand Medicaid under the ACA in their states. We work with local consumers, advocates, and other stakeholders to increase public support for expansion. We produce reports to educate state legislatures about the benefits of expansion to state budgets, the economy, and the health of state residents. We also provide technical assistance and materials to help local partners with media and editorial outreach and community organizing efforts.

We work to protect Medicaid funding at the state and federal levels. And we engage advocates to promote best practices and help states make changes that give residents good health coverage and high-quality care.