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A Big (Freaking) Deal

Today’s decision by the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals is, as the Vice President might say, a big (freaking) deal. The court ruled that the individual responsibility provision of the Affordable Care Act is constitutional. It’s… Read more.

06.30.2011 / Marc Steinberg, / Insights Column

4th of July and health reform

Living 14 hours away from home, I find myself nostalgic for my childhood days in Mississippi, particularly in the summertime. As we approach July, I often reflect on hanging out with friends and family… Read more.

07.01.2011 / Artair Rogers, / Insights Column

Rick Santorum’s troubling connection

Rick Santorum, a former U.S. Senator for Pennsylvania, wants to be the Republican nominee to run against President Obama next year. Unfortunately for him, he’s also embroiled in a health care scandal—this one involving… Read more.

07.14.2011 / Insights Column